We are excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Patriot’s game this Sunday, October 27th! I’m sure it’s difficult to get tickets this late in the game, but if you happen to be going, make sure you get there early enough to hear us. If you’re wondering if they’ll broadcast it on TV, we are almost positive they won’t. It is in our experience that the only time they broadcast the anthem is for playoff games or for the Super Bowl. We’ll ask for a copy of the video feed to post here on our website for you to see.

In other news, I (Caleb) am not very good at keeping up with the news feed. We had a great time performing in Concord, NH at the Capitol Center for the Arts for the Voices of the 603 festival. Big thanks to Jamie Saucier for putting the whole thing together and inviting us this year. If you haven’t been a part of the festival and you are either a student or teacher from NH interested in a cappella, you really need to look into being a part of the festival.

We’ve finally rid the stage of our effects units. It’s been about a decade since we were hands free on the stage and it feels great to be able to get rid of the distraction and really connect with the audience. I think we all agree that our show is only going to grow from here.

We have several gigs on the calendar. If you happen to be in New Jersey on November 21st, we are in the final stages of confirming a new gig at Somerville High School. More details to come soon. Boston locals, please come out to Westford, MA (it’s not that far!) to see us perform at the Parish Center for the Arts on November 23rd. All of the necessary details are on our gigs page.

Check back soon. We’re starting to really work on our web presence and I imagine there will be quite a bit of media (videos, audio) coming at you soon!

Five O’Clock Shadow