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A huge thank you to everyone who came out to Bull Run last night! We had a blast, as always. This is the show we were talking about last night! Please make sure to purchase your tickets... https://t.co/7EYzeKWOjI

There are still some tickets left. If you were on the fence about coming tonight, maybe jump off and come on over! https://t.co/PxyXUkw7MN

Only 3 weeks away, and surprise-surprise, tickets are going fast. It might be as we say, "nearly half-sold-out". (Yeah, we say that...). Remember how good the food is at Bull Run Restaurant? Come for dinner and enjoy our holiday extravaganza! https://t.co/yUDg0tu95L

For fans of FOCS holiday music: I (Paul) literally found myself "waiting for that tiny red train to come around the loop again".

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