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FOCS 25… stay tuned

In 2016, we’ll be 25, and you better believe that we’ll do something about it. We’re working on some big things in order to celebrate, so stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled, and do other things that involve being alert. It’s going to be a fun time!

We’re 24!

Today we turned 24 years old. This year, we’re hoping to perform in some areas that we haven’t visited in a while. We’re working on some exciting new projects and, as always, lots of new music, so stay tuned to what the year has in store. Thanks for your support

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Dan’s back. Thanks Gary.

Dan is back!
Dan’s back from his year on the west coast. That means that we don’t need Gary anymore! We’re kidding, of course. We’ll miss getting to sing with Gary as frequently as we did, but we’re sure you’ll see him on stage with us at another show sometime soon. Thanks Gary!

Spookapella XI

Five O'Clock Shadow in 2014 at Spookapella XI
We were excited to be the headlining act at Spookapella XI, The Center for Arts in Natick’s annual halloween a cappella show. Our good friend Joe stepped in to fill Oren’s spot for this performance, since Oren was away on vacation. It’s a tradition for groups who are performing to

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Start of a Revolution (season)

Yesterday, we started a Revolution. We kicked off a Revolution season. We sang the National Anthem that kicked off the home opener for the New England Revolution‘s season. Aside from our National Anthem, we also sang O, Canada. After singing, we were able to hang out and watch the Revolution kick off

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